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NaturalReaderFree 11.5

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January 31 2013


NaturalReaderFree 11.5


Natural reader is a popular text to voice conversion software, which enables users to “listen” to data/info that is available in text format. The software can “read” text from most of the MS Office platforms and it is also compatible for direct online reading of data from web browsers like IE or Firefox. The free version of this software includes very basic features but is still ideal for people who do not have an in-built text to speech converter in their system interfaces. The features in the free version include – robotized reader voice options; speech speed control; speech intonations by sentences or paragraphs; “hotkey” facility for easier usage and floating toolbar for faster access. The paid version includes much more advanced features like naturalized voice options, file conversion into audio formats like MP3 or WAV, word pronunciation controls; audio type and volume controls, and conversation controls. The paid version of Natural Reader can be effectively used for creating “voiceover” files for presentations, videos, projects or even for the creation of portable web audio files. The free version – inspite of its limited features – is an effective text to voice player, which can be of great benefit for visually impaired users or for multi-taskers who prefer to listen to a “voice Over” while they are working on a different task on their computers.

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