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ROBLOX Studio 2013 1.30.4

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February 4 2013


ROBLOX Studio 2013 1.30.4


ROBLOX Studio, the tool that professional builders use to create 99% of the levels on ROBLOX, just got a huge upgrade. One of the most exciting aspects of ROBLOX Studio 2013 is the performance. The Studio team has profiled more than 20 different operations in both the old version of Studio and ROBLOX Studio 2013, using a number of popular ROBLOX levels to simulate real-world use. Here is a short list of operations in ROBLOX Studio 2013 that are as fast, or faster than they were before:
- file open
- file save
- user input sample rate
- render speed
- multiselect (this one is 10-20x faster)
- group/ungroup
- large model drag
- test solo
- start server/start player.

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