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SILKYPIX Developer Studio PRO

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WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64


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March 13 2013


SILKYPIX Developer Studio PRO


    SILKYPIX PRO is able to assist photographers in being able to manage all sorts of challenges that they may encounter with digital RAW photography. Probably one of the most requested features for the new versions of SILKYPIX are the demand for speed improvements. You spoke, and we listened. SILKYPIX now achieves much faster results with regards to RAW developing, as well as the workflow of the software.

Noise reduction is an important priority that is always in foremost thought for photographers in achieving the greatest quality in their photos. The appropriate sharpness settings can correct for photos with low definition. With SILKYPIX PRO you are able to take control of this by adjusting these settings:

* False outline control
* Emphasis on detail
* Outline Emphasis

A release candidate version of SILKYPIX PRO supporting the FOVEON X3 sensor for Sigma cameras. With this new support for these camera RAW files, you will be able to use the digital darkroom to develop hi-res photos. The Release Candidate will expire November, 30th. Please try this new Release Candidate to see what a difference SILKYPIX can provide for your FOVEON sensor cameras.

New Features Included

* Spot Removal Tool
* Automatic Dodging
* Watermark Feature
* JPEG/TIFF Corresponding Color Space
* Improved Cropping Control Panel
* Editing of IPTC Properties
* History Management
* Printer Profiles and Options
* Improved Batch Processing
* Multi-CPU Support
* Improved Shortcut Keys

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