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bx_shredspread 1.1.3

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/XP


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October 11 2011


bx_shredspread 1.1.3


Intelligent M/S Control.

Edit by Brothersoft: bx_shredspread is a stereo processor to be used on any stereo guitar subgroup or stereo guitar channels. bx_shredspread’ s main purpose is to make sure your stereo (“doubled”) guitar signals sound “wide and phatt” - as easy and fast as possible.

Stereo-guitars that have been created by recording several mono tracks (aka “doubled” guitars) will benefit best from the auto-correcting features and the "SHRED-filter", but bx_shredspread will work on conventional stereo guitar sounds and stereo samples as well, of course.

Although mainly created for guitars bx_shredspread may also be used on keyboard groups, organs, choirs, etc.

bx_shredspread is a tool to control panning, stereo width and the “tone” of your stereo guitar tracks / groups. It automatically avoids typical phase problems that can occur when using M/S technology via some sophisticated algorithms for stereo width, EQ and pan.

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