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M-DVD.Org 2.5

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Windows Vista/XP


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July 11 2008


M-DVD.Org 2.5


The all-rounder software for multimedia management.

EditByBrothersoft: With growing CD and DVD collections it is very easy to loose the overview on the treasures you have on the shelf. The same applies to the PC: The jungle of files and directories becomes more and more impenetrable.

M-DVD.Org V2 is the solution!

The all-rounder software for management of audio and video files, song, album, and Movie information, and CD/DVD covers. All integrated under a uniform software interface.

M-DVD.Org V2 provides order, overview and is even able to fill in gaps without manual entry.

The software reads hard disks, network drives, CDs, and DVDs and automatically incorporates the Multimedia files into the database. With just a few clicks M-DVD.Org V2 saves the information and completes missing Details including covers via the internet.

CD, MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, DVD, DivX, WMV, XviD, MPEG, AVI and a lot of other formats

The integrated DVD archive of M-DVD.Org V2 provides offline information on more than 25,000 DVDs + Blu-ray Discs, HD DVDs and WMV HD. The online database of M-DVD.Org V2 actually contains details of more than 2,000,000 CDs, 25,000 DVDs, and 250,000 covers.

Entering, sorting, grouping, filtering, modifying, marking, printing, exporting and of course playing

M-DVD.Org V2 with its intuitive interface which offers a lot of features provides almost unlimited possibilities to customise data and file processing according to your personal needs.

The all-rounder software for multimedia management!

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