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Endpoint Security Console 4.0

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98


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July 26 2009


Endpoint Security Console 4.0


Centralized Endpoint Protection. Manage, Monitor, Protect enterprise networks

BrothersoftEditor: Privacyware? Endpoint Security Console (ESC) provides a centralized administrative control Capacity for assuring network endpoint protection on desktop and NoteBook computers utilizing Privacyware's popular Personal Firewall and Intrusion Protection Application, Privatefirewall. ESC enables system administrators to install, monitor, and configure Privatefirewall endpoint defense solution on any Windows workstation, laptop or host within a server domain. Settings can be customized for individual computers or for Users/Groups defined and configured within Active Directory. The key capabilities of the ESC are the network configurable aspects of security policies and system use enforcement enabled by Privatefirewall on an enterprise endpoint. The ability to control this Aspect of total enterprise security will help organizations to continuously defend and audit their networks not only for improved business operations, but also for regulatory compliance requirements.
Key ESC v4 Features:

Supports all versions of the Windows Vista Operating System.

Endpoint installation is completely automated, requiring no action from end-users.

Using Group Policy Extensions, network access and rules for acceptable application use can be configured for Active Directory Users and Groups.

Centralized alert management enables network access and application rules to be defined based on specific alerts and distributed to Users and Groups.

Process Detection: Prevents viruses, trojans, worms and other malware by tracking all trusted processes and providing alerts when any potentially malicious process attempts to run.

System Anomaly Detection: Behavioral modeling technology baselines normal usage based on system variables such as CPU utilization, thread count, and others. Normal use patterns of running applications are monitored and alerts are generated as unusual activity is detected.

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