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FA Secure 2.11

OS Support:

Windows NT 4.x


Publisher Old version


November 18 2002


FA Secure 2.11


Financial Additives Secure is a website authentication and security applicati...

BSEditor: Financial Additives Secure is a website authentication and security application, which allows users to Password Protect information that they want to distribute to a limited number of people. Information can either be Posted to one or several groups of people, or separate documentation can be made available to individuals. Users can distribute all types of documents with Financial Additives Secure, including HTML pages, word document, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, gifs, etc.Financial Additives Secure functionality:Financial Additives Secure allows customers to communicate in a secure environment with a limited number of people (staff, partners, clients),e.g. if ?They need to create an Intranet where a group of people can access a variety of documents and resources ?They need to create personalised views for individual users Benefits of Financial Additives Secure:Financial Additives Secure is an affordable way of distributing documentation to a number of people in a professional manner in a secure environment. It is easy to use, in both maintaining the users as well as the documents to which they have access. Security is applied at file level, meaning that each time a visitor to the password protected area clicks on a new Link, the system will make sure that the user is permitted access to that information. The password protected area can either have a standard design provided with the application, or the user can apply the design of the rest of their website ?it is very customisable. Once Financial Additives Secure has been set-up and installed by a technical person, a non-technical person can update and maintain the users and documents. Financial Additives Secure automatically builds a table of contents for the documents for each user, making access to the different documents straightforward and user friendly.

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