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Index.dat scan 2.6

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT


Publisher Old version


January 6 2009


Index.dat scan 2.6


Protect your PC privacy ! Find, scan, preview, erase index.dat files

Brothersoft Editor: Index.dat Scan 2.6 is a universal Windows 95, 98, Me, XP, NT, 2000, 2003 shareware program that's intuitively easy to use and goes much further than simply deleting the cookies, History and temp files, which still leaves potentially thousands of lines of data detailing computer activity in various Locations.

Index.dat files are very hard to find files on your PC that store information regarding user activities. Even once they are found, it is difficult to erase them or even Extract the information they contain. But spyware and other programs often scan them in order to track behaviour, and malicious web site can use the information to redirect you to illegal or ographic sites - all of which are stored. Information such as: which internet pages you visit, what images you download, the time of visit, what words you type into a browser or search engine and much more is available.

The range of features include:

-Incredibly simple, intuitive and easy to use interface.
-Flexible Displacement function that allows flexible viewing.
-Automatically allows scanning of all hard drives or only sub Folders.
-Cleans all files.
-Deletes all files in parent folder.
-Allows viewing and deleting of old and unused temporary records.
-Deletes data and files securely.
-Restores valuable hard drive space.

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