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PRT (Perlovga Removal Tool) 2.7

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/XP


Publisher Old version


July 4 2011


PRT (Perlovga Removal Tool) 2.7


A tool to remove Perlovga virus and freinds that use autorun behavior to spread.

What does this tool do?
PRT detects and reoves all traces of the Perlovga virus from your system, including floppy disks and USB flash disks, it also removes the leftovers of this virus by removing the 'AutoRun.inf' files, cleaning up you system registry and blocking dangerous sites.

How to use it?
Start your computer in Safe mode and run this tool. If you have infected floppy/flash disks you can insert them and click start. You can repeat this process for every disk you have.

This tool is for FREE for personal use only! If you would like to use the application in a business environment you are required to license the application.

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