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S.W.A.T. Pro 1.5

OS Support:

Windows 2003/XP/2000


Publisher Old version


December 13 2007


S.W.A.T. Pro 1.5


a useful patent pending security software which fixes security holes

Home users and small business owners are the most vulnerable to intruder attacks. Large corporations spend thousands of dollars a year in technology providing "layered security" to protect their corporation's information. Layered security is a practice used in businesses today which provide multiple layers of security to protect a corporation's network from intruders, i.e. defense-in-depth.

Who's watching out for you? Anti-virus and firewall solutions only guard against malicious viruses and perimeter defense, but there are hundreds of holes in Windows operating systems, flaws including insecure out-of-the box configuration, software bugs and defects, etc. Furthermore anti-virus software tends to bog down a system through the consumption of excessive system resources. Until Now there was not a solution which secures your Windows operating system and applications at the CORE.

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