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December 24 2010




TNS Antivirus is an Antivirus Created by Liyo Paul and it invented.

Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0 or higher

BS Editor: TNS Antivirus is an Antivirus Created by Liyo Paul and it invented in 2008 sept5
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Low use of processer
Usage of the processor is low but efficiency and quality are high.
Low use of memory
Memory consumption is low.
Updating not recommended (not compulsory) yearly updating needed
Periodic updating of the software is neither recommended nor compulsory, besides the FACT that you may need yearly updation.
Detect old & new types of viruses
Ensures detection of old and new generation virus file and other suspicious files.
No validity of s/w (full version available)
The full version software does not limit the usage within validity.
Automatic Scan of Removable Medias and auto killing viruses
Detects and kill viruses automatically in removable drives when insert into your system.
Removal drive firewall
Blocks the execution of virus files when inserting it.
System firewall
Checks for virus and if it detected, then the executions of that s/w is blocked.
Also blocks new s/w or program before executing.
Block automatic executions.
Real-time scanning
Enhances automatic scanning when a folder is accessed.
Monitor file creations
Notifies when creating a file and creates a log which stores path of the file and create time.
We can also delete the file from the system.
Process controls
Controls the Currently executing processes on your system.
Startup control
Controls your startup entries which includes programs that automatically invokes when windows is logged on.
Recovering system problems
Recovers the system problems like accidental or unauthorized disabling and enabling windows components like Task MANAGER, registry, desktop properties, control panel, Folders and folder options, hidden file settings And troubles for opening drives and removable drives.
High speed scanner
Provides high efficiency at very high speed scans.

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