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Integrity Check Software

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Windows 7/Vista/XP


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June 13 2012


Integrity Check Software


Helps monitor and restrict their child's computer activity.

Requirements: .NET Framework 4.0 or higher

BSEditor: The Integrity Check Software™ is an AFFORDABLE and EASY TO USE, Windows-based software program that provides parents with a creative option to help monitor and restrict their child's computer activity beyond basic parental controls. ICS is all about promoting accountable, trustworthy behavior to help protect our children, while keeping their computer activities safe and on the right track!

- ICS can be tried/tested for FREE by downloading the fully functional, 14-day trial/evaluation program (with no obligation to purchase the ICS software)


- ICS records EVERY Websites visited, EVERY Facebook Chat message, EVERY incoming/outgoing email, ALL homework, etc...

- ICS allows the parent to watch your child's computer use in real time, remotely from another computer (with the ICS Network Bundles) in the home/office through a network connection

- Use the optional ICS Repeater Control to obtain your child's password/log-in information for accounts such as, but not limited to, Facebook and online E-mail accounts. The ICS Repeater control is contained within a simple .txt file and can be emailed to you (at set intervals) showing a time/date stamped recording of every mouse click/keyboard key pressed

- Use the optional ICS ProhWord™ (Prohibited Word) control to further control your child's search criteria and Website viewing

- And more...

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