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M File Protector 1.0

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT


Publisher Old version


November 1 2012


M File Protector 1.0


Protect your files from unauthorized copy.

BrothersoftEditor: Are you a file owner and want to sell your files on Internet, CD, DVD, Flash disk or … ?
Did you found any way to protect your files before release and try to block unauthorized Copy?
Using M File Protector you can protect your files (any type) and then sell them on storages or on the internet.

Software protect files using 3 simple steps, first you have to select your file to protect (max: 100MB in this version, I will Improve this size in next versions) and enter file information (name and version + contact or purchase information for your customers) then click on ‘Create Protected File’ and save it on your pc or on portable storage.

When users try to run protected file those will see a window with your entered information (product information and contact or purchase information) + computer ID and it will Ask those for an activation code to run your file so user should buy an activation code from you to run your protected file and only you have ‘KeyGen.exe’ and you can generate an activation code for customers(Using customer’s computer ID).

Why M File Protector?
M File Protector is necessary because it will help you to protect your files from unauthorized copy.

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