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P-Encrypt Secure Drive

OS Support:

Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000


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August 30 2010


P-Encrypt Secure Drive


P-Encrypt Secure Drive is a program that can create encrypted disk drives.

Edit by Brothersoft: P-Encrypt Secure Drive (PESD) is a program that can create virtual encrypted disk drives. These drives can be connected to a windows drive letter. PESD is available for Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

PESD uses the most trusted and acceptable encryption algorithms available today, which include AES, Blowfish, Twofish, TripleDES, and camellia. With PESD you can access your encrypted data directly from any program.

Features :
-Five Different Encryption Algorithms with 5 different Cipher modes and 3 different hash algorithms.
-Stealth Image Mode: Allows you to Disguise your encrypted drive image as a different file.
-Drive Firewall: Allows you to protect your data from virus and other bad software.
-On the Fly/Transparent Encryption: Encryption/Decryption is completely transparent to you, the user .
-Auto-Run and Auto-Close: Allows automation for programs when the drive is connected or disconnected.
-Portability: Allows you to install to a removable drive, such as a USB device. Then run it on any computer with out having to install it.
-Variable size disk drives: No need to specify a disk size, with PESD variable size images, the file size will grow and shrink depending on its usage.
-Anti-keylogger protection for passwords: Worried about a keylogger recording your password, PESD take care of that using a unique technique to guard against password thieving.
-Powerful Command Line Parameters
-Secure File Deletion: To assure that recovery programs can not restore the data that you have deleted.
-No backdoors: Once your data has been encrypted. There is no way of restoring the data with out the proper password.
-Skinable interface: : with over 100 different skins.
-A CD/DVD Burning wizard: Create encrypted CD/DVD's that allow you to open your encrypted drives on any computer running Windows 2000, XP or VISTA.

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