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U-Robot 1.20a

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT


Publisher Old version


November 18 2009


U-Robot 1.20a


U-Robot is a sophisticated system utility that monitors specified folders.

BSEditor: U-Robot is a sophisticated system utility that monitors specified Folders (directories), triggering scripted actions for files that have been changed. There are almost limitless uses for this type of program including:

Automatically making backups of files that are changed when you are editing your web-site, programs, documents, configuration files etc.
Automatically updating your website when you have made changes locally.
Being alerted when changes are made to critical files. Automatically restoring changed files.
Automatically restarting failed processes.
Synchronising changes across multiple servers.
Managing mail server queues.
Keeping track of changes to important folders.
U-Robot features include:

Intelligent event combining, whereby a series of FileSystem events are combined into a single reported event.
Complex sequences of actions can be defined using the program's script editor.
Events can be deferred until a file becomes accessible.
Actions include: Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Remove Folder, Log, Message, Service control, Email via SMTP, File Transfer using FTP (put & get), as well as custom actions.
Automatic folder paths creation.
Conditional execution based on file size, file date, file existence, text comparison, process running.
String functions: uppercase, lowercase, left(n), right(n), mid(p,n), imid(p,n)
Scripts can 'call' or 'jump' to other scripts.
Scripts have access to system and user variables that can be used to define action parameters.
Different actions can be triggered depending on whether a file is added, modified or deleted. Periodic,idle and startup scripts can also be defined.
Configurable timers can be cyclic or daily.
Can be installed as a service so that is always available.
Very low system overhead.

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