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Ubertragen 1.5.1

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Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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April 27 2008


Ubertragen 1.5.1


Übertragen is a widget designed to transfer files, be it to an FTP-server.

Übertragen is a widget designed to transfer files, be it to an FTP-server, to another Mac running Übertragen on your local network (through Bonjour) or to one of your Bluetooth-devices.
It was designed with quick uploads in mind and thanks to the Dashboard it is always available immediately. Just grab your files, call Dashboard, hover over the widget and it presents all your FTP accounts, nearby Macs and your Bluetooth-devices in an Exposé-like manner. Too easy.
You can set up as many FTP accounts in the preferences of Übertragen as you like, no more cluttered Dashboards just because you transfer files to more than one server. The access data of your FTP accounts will be added to your keychain, right where it belongs. And when you're adding a new FTP account in the Preferences of Übertragen, the widget shows you all FTP accounts already stored in your keychain and will enter the server domain, username and password automatically. This makes adding FTP accounts already used with other FTP applications quick and easy.
And there is more. When you drag your files over Übertragen, the widget will present all your accounts in an exposé-like manner. Hover over the desired FTP account and discover that it is spring-loaded! This means that you can browse all subdirectories of your FTP-server with ease and drop the files wherever you wish. During the upload (and for some seconds after completion) there will be a Copy button visible which copies the path of the file(s) you are uploading to the clipboard. If you provide a http-path for the current account, the widget will copy the complete web-accessible URI for the file(s) to your clipboard; this is perfect for quick uploads of (for example) some images you want to post to a discussion board.
Directory structures are being maintained and "dot files" (except for .htaccess) are being ignored, so you won't clutter your server with useless .DS_Store files and the like.

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