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Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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September 13 2011




Guide through the configuration and makes it really simple to start working.

BSEditor: Configuration Wizzard: Will guide through the configuration and makes it really simple to start working.
History: Stores every user and directory which has been used by the tool.
Logging: Every command which was executed gets logged.

Target directory
It is not possible to use an UNC pathname as target directory. Please map a network drive instead.
The reason for this is: xcacls.vbs connects to the remote host using WMI which is not supported by other operating systems.

GUI Permissions
Xcacls.vbs supports GUI permissions and advanced permissions. The GUI permissions are Similar to the permission you can set within the contextmenue in the explorer. The advanced permissions will be added in a future version of this application.

Full: Everything is allowed - Read, Browse, Write, Change, Delete, Change Permissions, Take Ownership ...
Modify: Same like Full but without Change Permission and Take Ownership
Read and Execute: Read files, Browse directories and Execute files
Read: Read files and Browse directories
List Folder Content: Browse directories, can not open or read file content!
Write: Create files and Folders, Can not delete them!

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