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Fascinated Surveillance Centre 4.0

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP


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January 11 2011


Fascinated Surveillance Centre 4.0


Video security platform with recording, monitoring and face recognition

Edit by Brothersoft: The software has been created as common application for security Hybrid platforms running simultaneously with wireless and wired IP cameras, Television-cards, Capture cards, power-line, and USB webcams.

It has web interface with the identical form and controls on the local and remote computers. Customers view MPEG-4 coded picture and have complete management of the software through net that surveillance pc can be run with no monitor, keyboard, and mouse attached.

Program's modular composition extensively improves reliability because all units proceed as autonomous applications. If one unit fails, other units go on working. For instance if the "capture" unit freezes, "WatchDog" starts over it right away that users don't notice anything because they are viewing video using a "Playback" unit.

The program performs "cyclic" recording that the "hard drive full" situation never occurs.


* Security hybrid platform working simultaneously with wireless and wired IP cameras, TV-boards, capture cards, power-line, and USB cameras.
* Has web interface with the same look and functionality on the local and remote computers.
* MPEG-4 coded video and full control of the program through network.
* Has modular structure that significantly increases reliability.
* All recorded data can be encrypted and password protected.

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