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4T2 Content Analyser 0.9

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Windows XP/2000/98


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January 30 2013


4T2 Content Analyser 0.9


Professional analyser for MPEG-2 Transport Streams.

Professional analyser for MPEG-2 Transport Streams.


* Visualisation of MPEG-TS PAT, PMT Program Association, and Map Tables
* Visualisation of DVB-specific Service Information Tables (CAT, SDT, EIT, NIT, TOT, TDT)
* Visualisation of ATSC-specific Service Information Tables (MGT, STT, TVCT, EIT, ETT)
* Visualisation of MIP Megaframe Initialisation Packets
* Visualisation of PID Packet Identifiers, associated bit-rates, and bit-stuffing
* Raw data Analysis with SMART packet-trigger, and bit dependencies checking
* Smart Packet trigger with expression editor
* Visualisation of time repetition intervals of tables as defined in TR.101.290
* TR.101.290 analysis and visualisation of first, second, and third priority errors
* Measurement of PCR Program Clock Reference jitter
* Content decoding, including MPEG-4, H.264 high definition material
* Detection of black and freeze conditions on services in the transport stream
* Detection of audio mute condition on services in the transport stream
* Registration of Transport Stream to HDD in presence of errors (with History)
* Measurements on different Transport Stream sources
(multiple instances of the program can run at the same time)
* Remote capability with full SNMP support following the DVB MIB, including Traps
* MPEG analysis input support for files, RTP & UDP packet protocol, BDA,
or ASI and demodulated RF (with ABC hardware)

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