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Fronoh AVI Video Joiner 1.5

OS Support:

Windows 2003/XP/2000/98/Me


Publisher Old version


March 27 2012


Fronoh AVI Video Joiner 1.5


AVI Video Joiner can be used to join multiple AVI files.

Brothersoft Editor: AVI Video Joiner can be used to join multiple AVI files, such as: DivX and Xvid, together. AVI Video Joiner is easy to use and very fast. Even very large AVI files can be joined together in a few minutes.

AVI Video Joiner uses the current video data to ensure that the joined AVI file has the same quality as the original AVI files.

1-2-3 Joining...
Joining AVI Files, takes only three steps: 1 - Add the files to your list, 2 - Specify an output file, 3 - Click the "Join" button, to Combine the files in your list.

Repair your AVI Files
AVI Video Joiner can also be used to verify and repair your AVI files.

File Information
AVI Video Joiner can show various information about your AVI files, such as: video codec, video size and duration. The list information function can be used to see the estimated file size and duration.

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