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AcruSky Planetarium 2.1

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Windows XP/2000/98


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June 21 2013


AcruSky Planetarium 2.1


AcruSky Planetarium can view the sky.

EditByBrothersoft: This is a planetarium program for Windows, featuring a realistic picture of star chart for the selected time and place.

The new version has more features, provides the most complete and accurate information about interesuschih astronomical phenomena and characteristics of celestial objects. The program allows you to calculate the circumstances of a number of phenomena, such as moments natupleniya moon phases, eclipses, connections, and oppositions of planets, the moments of sunrise and sunset of the heavenly bodies, tracks the movement of planets, when you start inform about upcoming events. In addition, the new version allows you to create a printed star chart with just a few mouse clicks.

With its convenient interface AcruSky Planetarium is available both for beginners and professionals.


· New realistic sky projection
· Easy way to create printable maps
· Three sky map schemas: standard (with thmosphere effect), night-mode (red) and prontable map (black & white)
· Full screen mode for more comfortable observations
· Realtime Sun image from SOHO site
· Realistic Moon image with named surface Details
· Earth umbra and penumbra on the Moon disk during Moon eclipses
· Realistic planet and moons images with named surface details
· Planets' positions prediction (Great Red Spot positions, Mars rotation, Saturn rings inclination)
· Catalogue of bright asteroids with ability to update via Internet
· Catalogue of comets with ability to update via Internet
· Realistic images of comets: coma diameter and tail direction are taken into account
· Deep sky objects catalgue NGC+IC
· Catalogue of Meteor showers (with drifted radiants)
· TLE (artificial satellites) data are supported
· About 9000 stars (Bright Star Catalogue) in standard installation package
· Pluggable SAO star catalogue (258 996 stars)
· Pluggable Tycho2 star catalogue (2.5 million stars)

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