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F-UTILS Pro 8.0

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Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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February 2 2009


F-UTILS Pro 8.0


F-UTILS is a software for furniture design and construction in AutoCAD.

Requirements: For AutoCAD 2002-2009

BrothersoftEditor: After installing F-UTILS you have a lot of possibilities for furniture design, construction and calculation in AutoCAD.

With F-UTILS you can create different cabinets for seconds, visualize the project, to require information for furniture parts in any time ant know amount of used materials in project.

All that information can be exported to Excel, where F-UTILS generates a part list, price calculation and files for cutting optimization.

F-UTILS is compatible with most used software for cutting optimization: Оptimik, Plan IQ, CutRite, Ardis and Leonardo.

This is the main sections of the program:

* Creation of single furniture parts
* Creation of diferent types of cabinets
* Additional comansd (door-handies, Drawers, frames, chairs, metal legs, appliances)
* Visualization
* Parts and cabinets numbering
* Calculation: part list, materials calculation, Export To Excel, files for Оptimik, Plan IQ, CutRite, Ardis or Leonardo.
* Price calculation in EXCEL

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