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SuperSmith 2.09

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Windows XP/2000/98


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July 24 2012


SuperSmith 2.09


This graphics-intensive program is a valuable transmission-line calculator.

EditByBrothersoft: This graphics-intensive program is a valuable transmission-line calculator for both advanced and beginning users. Based on the venerable and highly intuitive Smith chart, it provides high-accuracy computations without recourse to paper, Compass or straightedge.

Here are the Highlights of this program:
Uses the full graphics capabilities of the Windows ® operating system for network entry, Analysis controls and displayed results. Most notable are the extensive zooming and panning capabilities of the chart display.

Allows real-time interaction with the analysis computation in a seamless, intuitive manner with changes in component values and operating Frequency immediately displayed.

Tnetworks composed of transmission lines, stubs and lumped components (L's, C's and R's) in both series-connected and shunt-connected configurations.

Program setups, including network configurations, are stored offline for immediate retrieval in an open, text-based format.

Analysis results are displayed over impedance or admittance coordinates or over readily-apprehended overlays of both.

Numeric readout of any point on the chart in terms of impedance, admittance, complex reflection coefficient, VSWR and return loss is available at any time with a mouse click.

In addition to displaying the results of sweeping the operating frequency, those results are also available in tabular form for input to other analysis and synthesis programs.

As an aid to designing impedance-matching networks, a constant-VSWR Circle and constant-Q curves may be displayed.

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