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November 13 2012




A program to construct consensus trees from rooted triples

BrothersoftEditor: TripleC was developed to be a program to construct consensus trees from rooted triples.

java -jar Triplec.jar NoReps InFile.newick

Here NoReps is the number of triple reconstructions to use for the consensus. This is required because Reconstruction is a randomized Algorithm. For small trees of about 20 taxa 1000 replicates is enough. But larger numbers should be used for bigger data sets.

InFile.newick is a text file with one newick tree per line. The trees are considered to be rooted and each tree must contain only the taxa labels of the first tree. That is trees after the first must not contain new taxa.

Although it is not a error to have trees with less taxa than the first tree as part of the consensus, this method is not a super-tree method. Performance under these conditions has not been tested and we expect would perform poorly.

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