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Ignite-your web graphics companion 2.02

OS Support:

Windows 98/NT


Publisher Old version


May 12 2010


Ignite-your web graphics companion 2.02


Ignite is the essential web graphic tool for any web designer's tool kit!

Ignite is the essential web graphic tool for any web designer's tool kit!Whether you want to produce fast downloading GIFs or JPEGs, make optimized animated GIFs, slice images into tables, use web safe colours and more than 1300 Hybrid web safe colours, open and work with Photoshop files natively or make thumbnails and mouseover images quickly and easily. Ignite will do all this for you and much, much more.Do you wish you could use your normal graphics tool to make web images?Well Now you can. Use Ignite as a plugin! Ignite works as a plugin with Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint, Painter and many other graphics applications. Now you can work in the software you know best and use Ignite's web graphics power to easily produce GIFs, JPEGs, animations, mouseovers, split images and banner adverts from your usual graphics tool. All optimized for you of course. Ignite helps you make great web graphics

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