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Image Compressor 2008 Pro Edition

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98


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September 8 2011


Image Compressor 2008 Pro Edition


provides everything you need for storing, viewing, retouching your photos.

EditByBrothersoft: State Of The Art Image Compression
Compress more than 50 major image types, including DSLR RAW files, and even recompress your JPEG files up to 90% ratio! That means extra storage space and faster image upload and download.
Creates industry standard JPEG file. Compressed image can be viewed with any application. 100% compatible.

Automatically maintain photo quality. Reduce file size but not compromise on the quality.
Fix JPEG Problems. Reduce Unwanted Blocks, Dots, Fringes And All Artifacts
Image Compressor is powered by Digital Eye. A revolutionary technology that uses up to 8x automatic snapshots, object detection, optimization and filtering technique to ensure the highest quality compressed photo.

Best In Class Image Resizing Engine
While Image Compressor's main function is to compress photo file size. Many people use it to resize photo dimension due to photo quality and easiness it offers.
Shrink photos beautifully. Image Compressor provides 11 filters you can use to create smaller photos.

Webmasters can also use Image Compressor to create thumbnails for their websites.
Automatically shrink image with the best quality. If 11 resample filters are too sophisticated, again you can let Image Compressor's Digital Eye run in auto mode to make your photos smaller without worrying about quality.

Power Enlarger. Enlarge your image up to 1,000% or more and maintain the sharpness and quality (PRO Edition only).

Photo Protection And More
Use Image Compressor's text and image based watermark to put your copyright logo.
Did you forget to print out date in your photo? Add it using Image Compressor's date and Time Stamp visual watermarker function. It can take date/time from EXIF information or file creation date, and print it
in any position you like.

Batch Process Multiple Photos At Once
Image Compressor allows you to process unlimited images directly from its Image Tray mode.

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