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Panoweaver Professional 8.40

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/Mac OS X


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March 19 2013


Panoweaver Professional 8.40


The panorama software is used to stitch images into 360 panorama.

BrothersoftEditor: Panoweaver is the world-leading panorama stitching software. It supports stitching single/multiple rows images taken by normal lens, wide angle lens as well as Fisheye lens. Both spherical and cylindrical panoramas can be created automatically. Besides stitching panoramas, Panoweaver can also exports 360 panoramic images into Flash VR, QuickTime VR, Java-based VR tours and swf, and publish on Facebook. Advanced features include HDR creation, camera RAW image stitching. Comparing with traditional plane image, panoramic image provides 360掳 vision to make you feel like in the scene. So it is widely used in business exhibition, real estate, scenic spots, AutoMobile, hotels, restaurants, and gymnasium. In addition, panoramic image can also be used as a record tool in police investigation, real estate management, map and other business. Comparing with words and plane image, panoramic image can record more comprehensive information.
Panoweaver 8 comes in two editions: Standard, Professional and with the following main features:
1. Google/bing map is available to users who have already had valid API key. Bing map is for all users.
2. Hotspot can be added into panorama to link popup image and URL.
3. Buttons like print, E-mail to, and Show help and Play sound can be added to panorama.
4. Mask function: to decide which part you want to show or hide.
5. Sharing functions in iEasypano and Facebook.
6. Add Longitude, Latitude and NorthPan information to EXIF in panorama.
7. Transition effect from Little Planet to Normal view by right click menu in FlashVR and SWF tour.
8. Automatic Little planet Ceiling/Floor.
9. Customizable resolution for panorama image printing and size settings for iPad.
10. Optimizations for HTML5 tour in Panoweaver8. Support Adobe Flash Player 11.

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