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Nailer 1.0

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Windows XP/2000/98


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April 29 2010


Nailer 1.0


Nailer were even programs around which would upload the HTML album

BrothersoftEditor: Of course, there were multiple programs around that would create an HTML album complete with thumbnails from a given set up images and there were even programs around which would upload the HTML album, the originals and the thumbnails via FTP but nothing which would simply create thumbnails and upload the original and the thumbnails without uploading an HTML file as well. So I coded Nailer to do the job and then added some extra options to make the image processing do a bit more than simply create thumbnails and upload them.


* The ability to create thumbnails from images selected from all over your hard disk.
* The option to create specific sized thumbnails or to create thumbnails which retain the Aspect ratio of the original image.
* The ability to create thumbnails which are a specific ratio in site to the original image.
* The option to Copy all the thumbnails to a location on your hard disk and optionally, to copy the originals to the same location or a different location.
* The option to create thumbnails which are a different graphic format than the orignal image.
* The option to upload the thumbnails and originals to an FTP server and optionally to load the originals to one location and the thumbnails to another location.

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