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S3Viewer 1.1

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Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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February 10 2009


S3Viewer 1.1


S3Viewer is an experimental program that can use the new Amazon S3 service.

BS Editor: S3Viewer is an experimental program that I wrote to use the new Amazon S3 service. S3 is a service that lets you store objects on Amazon's Secure Storage service. S3Viewer is designed to use this service to store pictures. You can store pictures offline on Amazon's server rather than your local computer. I added in an option to use secure encryption to Prevent unauthorized persons from viewing your pictures as well. No files are stored on your computer, this means that you don't need to worry about your computer being lost, stolen, a hard drive crash wiping out your pictures, etc.
Fast Facts and Features
* Stores pictures offline
* Nothing needs to be stored on your computer's hard drive.
* Pictures may be encrypted for security and to prevent unauthorized viewing.
Why store pictures remotely?

In age of digital media, people are generating huge amounts of data such as pictures. Storing and managing all of this locally can become a bit of a problem. For example, if your hard drive crashes, have you just lost years and years of family albums forever?

That's why I wrote this tool. It stores your pictures offline, on a secure storage service. The service provider ( is then responsible for guaranteeing the availability and reliability of your data. S3 is scalable, reliable, fast, and inexpensive.

Do I need an account with amazon ?

Yes, you need to sign up with Amazon. S3Viewer requires their service to store your files to.

Is my data protected against unauthorized viewers?

A lot of people are concerned about third parties gaining access to their data. I built AES encryption into S3Viewer so that you can encrypt the pictures. You supply a "PassPhrase" (similar to a password). Without the passphrase, nobody can view the pictures. The encryption is optional. If you don't need the security of encryption, then you can leave it disabled.

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