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Zaggit LAN Instant Messenger

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/XP


Publisher Old version


January 22 2013


Zaggit LAN Instant Messenger


A free LAN IM client for Windows.

EditByBSEditor: Zaggit Instant Messenger is a free LAN IM client for Windows which you can use to exchange instant messages with computers which are connected in a local area network. Great thing about Zaggit is that it automatically sets up everything that’s required for other people to connect to you, and if there are any active servers somewhere in your local area network it will automatically connect to them and allow you to send and receive messages.

Interface of this free LAN instant messaging client can be seen on the image above. As you can See This is a textual interface, which means that there’s no buttons, menus or graphical user interface of any kind for you to flip through. Considering that entire setup is also heavily automated, the FACT that you only get a command line interface is a fair trade-off.


Free and simple to use local area instant messaging client
Automatic setup of server and detection of available contacts
Group communication: sent messages can be viewed by everybody
Direct messages: use the @name activator for direct contact messages
Commands for listing who’s online and accessing manual config
Audio notification when new messages are Posted

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