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Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 1.2

OS Support:

Windows 8


Publisher Old version


January 5 2013


Nextgen Reader for Windows 8 1.2


Read your Google Reader RSS feeds in Nextgen Reader for Windows 8.

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Nextgen Reader is the best Google Reader client for your Windows 8 device. Tap/click application logo (in top-left corner) to switch between classic and Modern views.


Completely safe oauth2 web authentication.
Choose between eight color Accents to personalize the design e.g. teal, blue, red, etc.
Modern view for your touch-screen/tablet device.
Classic view (3-column layout) for PC/Laptops.
Pin multiple live tiles to Start Screen from either classic view or modern view.
Full keyboard support in classic view (press "?" key).
Incremental sync engine with ability to limit number of items to download per feed.
Set Default open method per feed: summary, webpage or mobilized.

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