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PixName 4.74

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Windows XP


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August 7 2013


PixName 4.74


Remind you later, give your pictures meaningful names with PixName.

EditByBrothersoft: Use PixName to download pictures from your camera directly into dated Folders, to rename and prepare pictures for email, to arrange pictures in a PRECISE order and display them in slide shows. All without modifying your pictures.

PixName's strongest point is in renaming picture files - this makes all the difference between picture folders cluttered with meaningless files and easy-to-identify pictures.

Replacing the camera-generated names with meaningful names is simpler with PixName, which was designed to cut down typing and avoid unnecessary repetitions. After renaming, you can search for "Mount Rainier" with any search program, or with your File Manager. No need to to plod from P1010001 to P1010086 to find the picture of Mount Rainier. With commercial printers which print file names on the back of pictures you have free integrated captions.

Pixname slide shows display picture file names along with the pictures so you know what you see. They also give you full control - automatic or manual - over the show.

PixName can create "light" versions of your pictures, ready to be attached to email. Each mailed picture comes with its file name so that both you and the receivers of your pictures know what the pictures are about.

PixName operates in English, French and Portuguese, and includes Help and tutorials in English and in French. PixName has the Capacity to integrate other languages.

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