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Roosl's Mail Filter 5.1

OS Support:

Windows Vista/2003/XP


Publisher Old version


May 5 2010


Roosl's Mail Filter 5.1


It's an insanely cool and robust POP3 E-mail monitoring and blocking filter.

BSEditor: It's an insanely cool and robust POP3 E-mail monitoring and blocking filter / Anti-Spam tool designed for PC users running Windows.

Still getting a lot of SPAM? There is even spam trying to sell other spam filters (for TWICE the price)! What's up with that? I won't spam you trying to sell my products. My Hope is that you found this through "word of mouth", or a search for a good product at a nice price. You also get a FREE 30 day trial, AND personal support from the author.


Preview before you download your mail!
Allows you to preview and delete mail at the server.
Allows immediate auto-blocking and automatic rules update.
Simple Blocking Rules!
Block unwanted mail by IP address, Sender and subject.
Blocking rules are easily maintained in Plain Text files.
Rich subject matter wildcard blocking.
IP and Domain name wildcard blocking.
Add new rules on the fly while the program is running.
Auto Blocking
Built-in easy to use rule editor.
Safe list (Preferred senders)
Blocked Senders and Domains (users, aliases, domains, IP, wildcards)
Blocked Subjects (wildcards, words, phrases)
Sort feature
"Safe" Sender Alerts!
Be alerted when you have mail from preferred senders.
(This can also be used as your "safe sender" list)
Easy Setup!
Easily set up multiple e-mail accounts to scan.
Stay in Tray Mode!
Quietly works in your system tray.
Automatically scans your e-mail at intervals you set.
Easily wake on demand to view logs

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