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Vade Retro Desktop 4.0

OS Support:

Windows 7/Vista/XP


Publisher Old version


March 11 2012


Vade Retro Desktop 4.0


Filters up to 99% of all spams, scams, phishing and automatically spread viruses

Requirements: Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

Vade Retro Desktop filters up to 99% of all spams, scams, phishing and automatically spread viruses. Installation takes a few seconds and it protects your mailbox instantaneously against all electronic threats. You do not need any settings; Vade Retro Desktop takes care of everything for you.


An effective treatment of incoming messages and commercial e-mails
All incoming messages go through the Vade Retro filter and an automatic tight surveillance of the e-mails placed into your messaging’s Folders is carried out. Thanks to the Anti-Ads Filter, all the commercial e-mails are sort in a specific folder.

An easy-to-use and intuitive interface
A simple click on the « Vade Retro » logo in the toolbar leads you to the Front Page of your software. There, you have Instant Access to all the useful features (Home page, Options, Lists or Statistics).

Detailed and customizable statistics
The feature “Statistic” gives you information on the efficiency of Vade Retro filter through graphs and reports outlining the actions undertaken by the filtering engine regarding the incoming e-mails.

A personalized and simple management of your e-mails
With the individual message management system, you can very simply set up a list of authorized senders (green list), decide to automatically block others (red list) from whom you do not wish to receive any messages and organize the commercial e-mails you want to receive (orange list).

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