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M2U Gateway Solution 6.3.10

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000


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November 18 2009


M2U Gateway Solution 6.3.10


M2U is an SMS/MMS/WAP broadcast gateway solution

Requirements: GPRS Modem required

Brothersoft Editor: M2U is an SMS/MMS/WAP broadcast Gateway solution that can work on any Windows 98/XP/2000/2003 computer. Together with the built-in API, you can deploy and develope any SMS and MMS related application via integration. The messages can be delivered either through the bundled GPRS modem(s) or through a dedicated connection with a mobile carrier network through an SMPP interface. MOZAT's M2U is definitely a simple yet powerful SMS and MMS gateway for you.

Trying to figure out what can be done on M2U? The M2U is capable of sending out SMS alert and even MMS alerts! And with the sms SMPP plugin, turn the M2U into an SMPP gateway too! SMS integration has never been easier and the possibilities are endless with the features that M2U offers.

Connect one or multiple GSM/GPRS modems via USB or serial port.
Two way SMS and MMS: Send and receive SMS, MMS.
WAP Push: send WAP SMS.
Send scheduled SMS, MMS, WAP
Define rules to auto-forward, auto-reply SMS and MMS, auto-trigger HTTP scripts, EXE and BAT files, auto-store SMS and MMS into files when M2U receives SMS, MMS from pre-defined sender phone numbers with certain keywords. For example, you can define M2U to trigger a PHP script when it receives an SMS with keyword "abc". The action of the rule to trigger HTTP requests can be:[SENDER]&sms=[ORIGINAL]
APIs for system integration: command line to Send SMS, MMS, WAP. Allow to send video clip, pictures, animations, audio clips in MMS as easy as
sendmsg.exe recipient=+6590111111,+1321110199 text="hello world!"
sendmsg.exe recipient=+44210011111 video="c:videocat.3gp"
SendMsg recipient=99999999,98888888 width=128 height=101 image="c:pic1.jpg";3000 text="c:text.txt";5000 image="c:pic2.gif";3000 audio="c:sound.wav"
provide plug-in to connect SMSCs via SMPP, HTTP.
Contact management: allow to Import Contacts from outlook, excel, text and so on.
All SMS, MMS, WAP would be logged and exported.

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