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p2msp 2008 1.7

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Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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August 9 2010


p2msp 2008 1.7


Manage and automate your Microsoft project plans and reports.

BrothersoftEditor: p2msp is an add-in companion toolkit to Microsoft Project, which introduces new forms and functionality enabling key Prince2 techniques to be performed directly within MS Project. The specific Prince2 areas supported are;
Product based planning
Project Risk Management
Change Control (Project Issue Management)
For three main reasons;

these areas add up to a huge share of the Project Management effort throughout a Project
these aspects form a logically linked 'whole', because in Combination they cover the majority of the tasks to be found in any project plan
experience shows that these areas present the most difficulty in applying Prince2, and can be made significantly easier with p2msp
Why is p2msp an add-in, rather than a standalone product?

We wanted to give you a fully integrated top-down environment, where every task on a project plan is derived from its higher origin, and remains dynamically linked to its origin (such as a task related to a product description, or a risk form).

We also wanted you to have an end-to-end process toolkit, meaning (for planning) from initially defining the topmost product on a PBS through to finally balancing resources on the task-level plan, or (in risks) from initial risk identification through to closure after Analysis, prioritisation, and planning and executing successful mitigation actions.

We recognised that the last thing anyone needs is yet another task scheduling & resource balancing package, hence we made p2msp an integrated add-in to the world leader in that field, Microsoft Project.
Then why not make p2msp a standalone product, with import & export to Microsoft Project (and other packages)?

This is a commonly used approach in other planning tools, however it has one fundamental flaw - you can normally only use just it once on a project.

To explain further, this method works fine at the start of a project - you can use a tool to help build your plan, then export from it into your favourite....

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