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D&M Computing Customer Database

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98


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March 26 2010


D&M Computing Customer Database


The D&M Customer Database is used to hold customer records and information.

Requirements: .NET Framework 3.5 or higher

The D&M Customer Database is used to HOLD customer records and information for a single user or single company computer. It was originally designed specifically for the needs of individual Real Estate agents to keep track of client information with endless note fields for both property listings and general notes. However, it has continued to evolve beyond that specific need.

Although there are many features that are still keyed towards use from Real Estate agents, many of those fields can be ignored or reused allowing the database to be used for a wide variety of needs. The application can be used to keep track of customers with almost any need. Which includes, but is not limited to being used as a help-desk solution. There is an endless general notes section for Customer Contact and other useful information and an endless ‘product and services’ notes section for tracking customer orders or services rendered. Customers are ordered in the database by their origin date in descending order. (most recent customer first) There are detailed customer record ‘view’ filters that allow you to narrow down a group of records by a customer’s status (active, inactive, etc.) or other various Details. (IE: by price range, date range and categorical assignments.) You can also search customers for an individual by name, email address or a date range. You get a list of customers that fit the entered criteria and you simply select someone to go to that customer. Other various features and options include a boilerplate email/postal message section that holds information for standard messages sent to customers, as well as detailed database backup and restore options so you always know your valuable customer information is safe and under your control. Aside from the backup controls, the program has very few settings or configurable options for simplicities sake and does many things automatically for you.

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