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April 29 2008


P@WS 1


Get alerts, set of exercises, and a guide for creating a sound work environment.

BS Editor: P@WS - Facts 'n' Figures
Sitting at a computer is a very passive activity. Our bodies were designed to MOVE!
Prolonged sitting with poor posture and inappropriate workstation setup will inevitably lead to fatigue and strain in the soft tissues and joints in our neck, back and limbs
Occupational overuse injury (OOI) is the term used to describe a range of conditions related to sustained postures and extended computer use
Neck, Upper/Lower back pain
Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist and hand pain
Nerve related disorders of the upper and lower limb
Eye strain
OOI is responsible for almost 1500 people per annum in Australia requiring time off work (NOHSC: 1995-2000)
The average cost of one OOI claim in NSW last year was $18,000 (NSW WorkCover)
I'm sure you'll agree that this equates to large losses in time, production and money in addition to the pain and frustration experienced by the injured worker.

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