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e-Barcode 8.1

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Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98


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August 4 2008


e-Barcode 8.1


e-Barcode is a simple, convieniant way to print Barcode labels.

Requirements: IE 5.o or higher, Firefox

BSEditor: e-Barcode is the answer for customers who are looking for a simple, easy, convenient solution to print bar code labels.

Using e-Barcode may be simple, but it is so powerful it can perform any barcode generation or printing need you will ever require. e-Barcode has the largest feature set for the lowest price of any Barcoding product available.
Top 10 e-BARCODE Features
1) Choose from a large number of standard bar code sizes—such as 4” X 1”, 3.44” X .66”, 2.63” X 1”—or select your own custom label size.
2) Automatically generate bar codes from built in Template sizes and formats making it simple for people without experience to create industry standard bar codes.
3) Automatically increment the numbers on your bar code to make it easy to expand your inventory.
4) Import or export a database of already created codes from a Spreadsheet, database, or .csv text file.
5) Use all the standard bar code formats listed on our symbology table.
6) Add notes or descriptions to your bar codes.
7) Create international characters so you can create codes that can be used anywhere in the world.
8) Print your bar codes onto any standard label format for use with your products or inventory.
9) Use with any of the over 1000 printers e-barcode PRO supports including all the standard ink-jet and laser printers.
10) Make one barcode at a time or thousands.

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