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N-Tier Data Access

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98/NT


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July 22 2008


N-Tier Data Access


ActiveX DLL for TCPIP client server data access from OLEDB supported providers.

Requirements: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

Brothersoft Editor: N-Tier Data Access is a VB6 ActiveX dll for data base access over TCP/IP to any supported OLEDB data provider. The dll returns ADO record sets or variant arrays to the requesting clients. N-Tier Data Access allows for creation of an N-Tier client server data access environment. All it takes is setting a few properties and the dll will create data access servers or data access clients. The dll can also be used for standalone database access. It simplifies database access for any OLE-DB supported connection. N-Tier Data Access empowers creativity by simplifying otherwise complex Internet/intranet and database programming tasks. The dll is licensed in 4 versions based on concurrent client connections. The licenses are for 2, 5, 10 and unrestricted client connections.

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