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J-Desktop 2.3

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000


Publisher Old version


October 23 2008


J-Desktop 2.3


Control your desktop PC remotely over the internet with any browser

EditByBrothersoft: Control your desktop PC remotely over the internet with any supported browse, no plugins or java VM, ActiveX or software installation required on the client machine. Works through any firewalls or proxies or NATs on the client side. Easy to setup, include some unique features such as:
- View your desktop as if it was a website
- Connect directly through our website, no need to remember Your IP Address
- Guaranteed security through SSL / HTTPS
- Simple installation on the server side
- No need to install anything on the connecting machine
- Runs both as an application and as a windows service
- Test function to make sure your PC can be accessed from the internet
- Independent client/server screen resolutions, and real time resolution switch
- Download files or directories (automatically zipped)
- Supports Windows XP, 200 and IE 5.0 or greater

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