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TreeLine 1.2.4

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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June 18 2010


TreeLine 1.2.4


A FREE Outliner, PIM Software. Stable Version.

Do you have lots of Sticky Notes lying around with various useful information Jotted down? Or many lists of books, movies, website logins, personal contacts, or things to do? Can you find them when you need them? Well, I often couldn't. So here's my answer.

Some would call TreeLine an Outliner, others would call it a PIM. Basically, it just stores almost any kind of information. A tree structure makes it easy to keep things organized. And each node in the tree can contain several fields, forming a mini-database. The output format for each node can be defined, and the output can be shown on the screen, printed, or exported to html.

TreeLine Features

* General Stores almost any type of information, including Plain Text, HTML, numbers, dates, times, booleans, URLs, etc.
* The tree structure helps keep things organized.
* Each node can have several fields that form a mini-database.
* Several node types, with different sets of fields, can be included in one file.
* The node format, including fields, output lines and tree-view icon, can be defined for each node type.

* Views The left-hand view defaults to a tree view but can show a flat list of descendants of the current node.
* The left flat view also shows the results of filtering operations.
* The right-hand view can show one of three views - for showing output, editing node data and editing node titles.
* The right-hand view is normally split to show data from the parent node and its children.
* If multiple nodes are selected, the right-hand view shows all of their data.
* The output view can be set to show indented output from all descendant nodes.

* Navigation There is a quick incremental search command to find a matching node title.
* There is a find command that searches through all node data.
* Previous and next selection commands toggle selections to quickly MOVE between parts of the tree.

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