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B-Randomizer - Wallpaper Randomizer 0.2

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98/Me


Publisher Old version


May 19 2010


B-Randomizer - Wallpaper Randomizer 0.2


B-Randomizer randomly selects and changes your Windows wallpaper

Edit By BS Editor: Ladies and Gentleman I bring you the B-Randomizer! It slices, it dices, and will even change your Windows Wallpaper for you! Having said that, the B-Randomizer is another little program I wrote after Bla asked me to write it for him. The B-Randomizer will randomly select an image from a list you choose and set it as your Wallpaper. This is scheduled by a built-in timer that you can set down to the second.

B-Randomizer randomly selects and changes your Windows wallpaper from a list that you have selected. Also has a nice preview window as well as a settable timer in which it waits for the specified time before changing the wallpaper. B-Randomizer also has the ability to start when Windows boots. When started it loads all of the last added images. Has a 5 Picture limit and Add Folder Action is disabled.

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