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C Memory Scavenger 1.1

OS Support:

Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT


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May 22 2008


C Memory Scavenger 1.1


fixing leaks without detailed knowledge about the source code

Edit by Brothersoft: C Memory Scavenger is a combined tool for locating memory allocations as well as for fixing leaks without detailed knowledge about the source code. Traditionally, to fix such leaks, you have to understand the code quite well, and insert free-commands at PRECISE places. C Memory Scavenger is a good tool for such work. However, many times you have limited knowledge about how the code works, and not much time to spend on code study. This is where C Memory Scavenger has its key advantage over its competitors. It can work as a semi-automatic Garbage collector, with only a limited support from the user. This tool works also for C++ code but it does not take care of memory allocated/deallocated with new/delete. To cover these operators, you need to have access to, and recompile the code where new/delete are defined in terms of calls to malloc/free. For a complete list of which memory allocation functions are supported, see The CMemScav Library.

The tool is divided into two parts:
A Windows program - called the Monitor - with which you can communicate with your application, in terms of pausing it, asking for present memory allocations at any time, and your application can report such information to the Monitor from any given point in the source code. With this as a base, you can create code to be inserted into your application to solve your memory leaks, although, this program is not necessary to use the second tool.

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