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J-Ads 2.13

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98/Me/NT


Old version


June 24 2008


J-Ads 2.13


A solution for web advertisements

BS Editor: Ads V2 Now supports animated GIF. Others features like nice banner loading, hand cursor and configuration file have been added. Server-side click reports is also available

Animated GIF supported !
Configuration file added.
Nice banners loading management (no need to wait last banner before starting J-Ads). While first banner is loading, J-Ads uses bgcolor parameter to display empty screen, then it displays the first banner. Others banners are loaded in a background process.
Hand cursor added for Link.
Banners dimension constrains removed.
Server-side click reports added.

HTML parameters can override file parameters through configsrc parameter.
firstad parameter added.
Multiple licenses support added.
Both file and HTML parameters support.
waitmode parameter added.
Bug fixes : Screen refresh while wait time. Java 1.1.2 support (for Netscape 4.03 to netscape 4.05). Java 1.3.0 support (for netscape 6 preview). safe parameter added.

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