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J2PrinterWorks 5.0

OS Support:

Windows Vista/2003/XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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April 8 2009


J2PrinterWorks 5.0


J2PrinterWorks is a comprehensive JavaTM 2 solution for printing multi-page.

Requirements: Java Development Kit 1.2 or higher

BS Editor: J2PrinterWorks is a comprehensive JavaTM 2 solution for printing multi-PaGE Swing-based documents.

J2PrinterWorks supports these features:

* prints any sequence of JTextPane, JTable, JTree, JList, JPanel, or Component instances (or subclasses thereof) printed back-to-back
* per-Pageable headers & footers (left, center, right) with multiple lines, rich text, images, date, time, & page numbering, first & rest-of-pages control
* per-Pageable margins (left, right, top, bottom) and orientation
* per-Flowable scaling (% or fit-to-page) and horizontal & vertical centering
* intermix horizontal lines, vertical gaps, page ejects

* JTextPane supports StyledDocument, HTML, or RTF (subject to Java limitations), embedded images & components, WYSIWYG or reflow-to-width, page breaks, borders
* JTable can be paginated horizontally or vertically, row & column subsets, column and row header replication, variable row height & column width, custom cell Renderers, borders
* JTree automatically scales to page width, breaks on tree node (row) boundaries, custom cell renderers, borders
* JList automatically scales to page width, breaks on list item (row) boundaries, custom cell renderers, borders, layout orientation (1.4 or later)
* JPanel can print any JPanel as well as smaller Components, Containers, or Images, shrink-to-fit, shrink-to-width, Tile, or break-on-components, borders
* Component can print any Component, Container, or Image, separate horizontal & vertical break rules, shrink-to-fit, tile, break-on-components, or break-on-color
* Print Preview dialog with 1 or 2 page display, zoom, navigation, localization, customizability, and anti-aliasing
* simple and custom page setup dialogs
* native and cross-platform print dialogs

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