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Octopod for C++ 3.1

OS Support:

Windows 98


Publisher Old version


April 23 2008


Octopod for C++ 3.1


Octopod is a complete visual development tool for C++ programming.

BS Editor: Octopod for C++ 3.1 is visual multi-compiler IDE for building C++ programs. It supports MSVC, BORLAND, Cygwin and MinGW compilers for Win32 platform. Graphic designer makes it Similar to the Visual Basic and enables you to create attractive window layouts with both intrinsic and ActiveX controls. Code editing introduces a new technology CodeToolbox that allows developer to drag and drop code snippets and build the code in the same visual way as building the UI elements. Code editor supports all of the advanced features: syntax coloring, auto-list of functions and members, function parameters help while typing etc. Octopod has a strong support for ActiveX technology (clients and servers) and allows you to build or import true dual-interface components under all compilers.

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