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Z47 Virtual Processor 1

OS Support:

Windows Vista/XP/2000/98/Me/NT


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July 6 2010


Z47 Virtual Processor 1


Self-Contained Distributed Operating System

Brothersoft Editor: The Z47 Virtual Processor is a Self-Contained Distributed Operating System (SCD-OS) of about 500K for all platforms. Z++ applications become Processes of the Z47 Virtual Processor, which manages its own Threads, processes, local and remote inter-process communications signals and exceptions without making system calls to the underlying operating system.
What makes the Z47 Processor a Distributed Operating System?

* – The Z47 Virtual Processor is a Self-Contained Distributed Operating System(SCD-OS) operating independently of the host Operating System.
* – The Z47 Virtual Processor manages its own processes, threads and inter-process communications. It does not create system processes or threads.
* – Z++ applications become distributed communicating processes among multiple Z47 Virtual Processors.
* – Allows Z++ applications to operate on multiple operating systems.
* – Designed to greatly reduce the need for multiple developers with expertise on multiple platforms.
* – Dramatically reduces development costs and time to market by allowing developers to focus on creating quality applications versus navigating OS dependencies.

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