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F8Controls 1.0

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98


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June 17 2009


F8Controls 1.0


A collection of 9 different GUI controls, written in C# (.net v1.1)

Requirements: .NET Framework (v1.1)

EditByBrothersoft: F8Controls 1.0 is a collection of 9 different GUI controls, written in C# (.net v1.1)
F8Buttons: 3 button styles, round / oblong, rectangle and x. While these buttons implement the same and expose the same events as standard buttons they are built completely from scratch (no button inheritance) and offer complete control over the controls style, including the ability to control the buttons colors, Border, caption and shadowing in all 3 states (normal, hover and pressed). The F8XButton is a drop in replacement for the standard checkbox control and offers the same flexibility as the other buttons.
F8Progressbar: as with all of our controls the F8Progressbar implements the same level of control over every Aspect of it implementation allowing for about 60 border styles and endless color options along with the controls ability to optionally render a 'percentage' value and caption in the control.
F8RichTextBox: this richtextbox implements all of the standard richtextbox functionality and enhances it with built in support for printing, print previewing and print PaGE setup all accessible with 1 line of code.
F8Charts: consists of the 3 basic chart controls (pie, line and bar) as well as a 4th control that displays the charts key 'Legend'. With this type of implementation you are free to place your key 'Legend' any ware on your form. These charts also use the same chart item objects allowing for one set of values to be placed or transferred to multiple controls allowing for small, simple, fast and intelligent use.
No boundaries, endless options and royalty free all just a 'drag & drop' away.

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