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N-Tier Slam

OS Support:

Windows XP/2000/98/NT


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October 13 2010


N-Tier Slam


VB6 development framework for TCP/IP N-Tier application servers and clients.

Requirements: Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

BS Editor: N-Tier Slam is the painless Pathway to N-Tier computing. N-Tier Slam empowers creativity by simplifying otherwise complex Internet and database programming tasks. The N-Tier Slam Library of properties, methods, and events provides the framework for developing VB6 based N-Tier application servers and clients. This single library provides the functionality to create both web enabled fat client applications, and create fully functional remote application servers to service those clients using VB6. Start with a VB6 application, set a few properties, and you have an application server that supports database connectivity through any OLE-DB supported database connection, and returns detached ADO recordsets to the client. The developer can remotely call database stored procedures from the client to enforce business rules, return recordsets, or values. VB6 functions and sub procedures the developer designs at the application server can return results to the calling clients. In a snap the user can enhance their application by adding Chat, file transfers and the sending of simple SMTP E-mail. In standalone mode the library can significantly simplify database access tasks.

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